Welcome to Luxury Holidays Sri Lanka

Our business is to DESIGNS, customize private holidays. This is our forte!"

You are planning your holidays in Sri Lanka? You might be considering with a large company who has 100 years of existence but is YOUR Tour Consultant Knowledgeable enough? A tour consultant whom you are faced with "Most probably a trainee". He or she is just "cut and paste" and dangerously assuming an itinerary. This is the fatal truth.

Let me start with saying ….Quite frankly we are not for everyone.

We are truly independent ………… We are SRI LANKAN ! LOCAL !

We are passionate local Sri Lankan. Small. Well exposed. We are specialists.

M &S is a locally based. We are 'small enough' to ensure that most of our clients leave as true friends (We started getting Post cards and Tour pictures) We do NOT support large Loud groups, nor 'conveyor belt tourism', .Our proposals are not pushed through a tough itinerary designed selfishly. Instead, we suggest tours to individuals, couples, families, friends and small private groups.